Public Alpha v11 Released

Greetings all, This update was to fix and implement a few things, a primary one was to adjust the magnet ability, dedicated servers appear to apply things like add force at almost double the rate as you hosting your own game.

Another challenge was improving frame rate and optimize the Arena Level to include a crowd add more a present effect to the balls trail

So far successful, on the development machine which is a modest PC setup at best is giving acceptable frames.


  •  Version of Unreal is now 4.17 
  •  Added Made by Unreal Intro 
  •  Added more particles to the ball and sized better 
  •  Adjusted Magnet force 
  •  Fixed name for Penalty meter which was named Ball Hold Time 
  • Increased power of a charged shot to be more than a volley at full charge.
  •  Fix replication bugs in shield causing sever hang time. 
  •  Added framework for bind-able keys and graphics settings etc. (key binds not available yet.

Next Up: 

  •  Magnet effect and sound 
  •  Volley sound adjustment, sound for when ball is hit vs missed 
  •  Change charge shot sound to be different then pass sound 
  •  Implementation of non-lock pass lob button (alternative to magnet if you have the ball) 
  •  Implementation of the key bind system.

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Aug 14, 2017

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