vAlpha Test8 - Release

Released Test Version 8


  • Fixed Servers to report its Port correctly to Master Server
  • Updated Menu to be slightly more fancy / Animated.

Ultraball Mode:

  • Fixed Ball trails color change.
  • Fixed Ball outline changing color when 'lethal'
  • Fixed Catch Radius to be more fair.
  • Changes to how Assist is calculate, possibly fixed self-assist problem.
  • Defaulted Third Person Mode
  • Added a smoother transition between FPS and Third Person Mod
  • Reduced Jump Velocity
  • Increase Jump Hold Time
  • Effects for ball possession on yourself can be seen in Third Person

HoverCraft Mode:

  • Added Dedicated Server to test it out - East Coast first to 10 'wins'
  • LOTS of replication bugs to fix, pre-alpha?

Ultraball Known Bugs:

  • Phantom ball can be spawned if you catch and volley at the same time.
  • Possible to catch the ball while volleying and get stuck with the ball.

In Progress Next:

  • Add in Overcharge (discharge ball weak when max charge is met for .2 seconds.)
  • Add in Disruption. (If Charging, and hurt for .5 seconds if ball is shot it will overcharge.)
  • Add in Shield Overcharge (when shield meter fills player will self destruct.)

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Jul 30, 2017


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Sorry if already answered, but is this planned to have Singleplayer at all?

I am looking to support single player. Logic might require to be for a volley only meaning both bots and players don't catch the ball ever. Like traditional soccer.  This is all dependent on how deep I can get into Ai logic programming. In essence I want the multiplayer mode to be in good condition before I dig deeper then that. Thanks for the question :)