Ultraball Test 16

Test release #16 represents first multiplayer shipping multiplayer test, what does this mean? The game is being compiled as if it was ready to ship, importance of this is to find any game bugs that might come up when it's gone through a more optimized program compile.

Tonight at 10pm EST we will be on our discord(Join) server and looking to play some matches to see how the game runs, we do expect bugs.

Changes in the game is a score limit. First to 10 will win so as long as they are ahead by 1 goal, i.e. 10-8.

Game will start match when 6 players have joined and teams are even.

There will some visual bugs such as normally we plan to stay in warmup till the server is actually full. And since we are implementing the mercy rule, the end match screen will start at the wrong time. We are aware :)


Ultraball_vAlphaTest16_client.zip 357 MB
Sep 29, 2017

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